Stripe fees are easiest recorded as a negative cash receipt and combined with the successful cash settlements in a transfer as a deposit in Accounting Seed.

Find The Stripe Fees


To find the fees per transfer in the Stripe website navigate to Transfers under the Transaction section of the side menu. 

By entering the Transfers section you will see all successful transfers between Stripe and your linked bank account. 

By clicking into one of these transfers you will see all payments associated with that transfer along with the total fees for example the -$365.59 below:

On your bank statement you will see the transfer amount net the transfer fees. This is why it is important to create a negative cash receipt to smoothly clear your stripe deposit on your bank rec. 

Creating a Negative Cash receipt for the fees

Note: You many need to inactivate two validation rules on the Cash Receipt object in order to create the negative cash receipt. Click here for guidance - Inactivating Validation Rules on Cash Receipt Object

You will need to create a "Stripe" Account record in Salesforce/Accounting Seed to record the negative Cash receipts against. 

Navigate to the Cash Receipts tab and click new. You can create the negative cash receipt from there: 

For the amount section you will enter the amount of the transfer fee as seen in stripe as a negative then save the cash receipt. Make sure you set the Credit GL Account to the expense GL account you would like to record the fees against. 

Creating a deposit for the Stripe Transfer

Next you need to associate the negative cash receipt with the cash receipts in the same Stripe transfer. To do this create a new bank deposit and associate the Stripe payments within the transfer and the negative cash receipt for the fees. The example below only has one stripe payment: 

Once you associate these two items your bank deposit will match the deposit on your bank statement and you can smoothly reconcile your Account. 


As you can see now the deposit in Accounting Seed matches the transfer from stripe.


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